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The Energy Expo 2019, is a unique event showcasing equipment, technologies, products & know-how for the solar, energy storage, energy efficiency, clean transportation & smart building industries all under one roof.

It is an effective commercial hub between manufacturers, professionals, dealers, operators, contractors and buyers from North American and 40+ other countries.

Our Head of Sales for North America- Rajender (Raj) Singh Beniwal will speaking at the session titled “Advanced Platforms for Energy Efficiency: When crunching data from IoT (Internet of Things) and using AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Context Matters.” He will showcase how the context of the data is important when working with IoT data and how it impacts the results of working with Building IoT data.

We invite you to the session on 23rd Jan 2019 starting at 12 noon. Engage in a conversation with Raj to learn about our IoT and analytics-based service offerings.

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