We holistically reduce the energy related costs by optimizing Operations, leveraging Price or supply-side opportunities, reduce Quantity of consumption through energy efficiency strategies and managing Regulatory compliances.

Energy Management Services

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Operations Management

At EcoEnergy Insights, we optimize your energy consumption in a sustained manner, with the help of our reliable management platform. Our centralized monitoring and operations solution is based on a robust architecture that is both scalable and technology-agnostic.

Our Centralized Monitoring and Operations brings focus on energy management across your business, irrespective of the location, size and network expanse. The seamless integration of our Energy Management Platform with BMS, SCADA, meters, sensors and controls across your facilities create a network of intelligent connected infrastructure that helps us analyze better. We improve performance and reduce cost simultaneously using reliability centered maintenance. Our technology’s real-time monitoring capability and increased automation control provides field teams with remote operations support for effective, corrective and preventive maintenance of your energy infrastructure.

We partner with our customers and help them transform to knowledge based operations and data driven maintenance. We help our customers strike an optimum balance between cost and performance of their operations and maintenance activities by providing Centralized Help-desk & Work Order Management, Remote Diagnostics and Technical Support for field visit avoidance, Proactive Alarm Monitoring and Problem Management to ensure resolution at the first visit, Efficient and Effective Policy Management to improve customer experience, Optimized maintenance schedules and reduced asset replenishment cost using industry leading innovative data analytics platform. Our Centralized service management Model tracks incidences and determines the root cause of the problems. We bring our best practices in governance, program management and delivery assurance to ensure you seamlessly Switch to Results.


Price Optimization

At EcoEnergy Insights, we also work on cost reduction opportunities beyond energy efficiency. We provide you with supply side services such as demand-response management, peak demand management, tariff profile analysis, energy procurement and sourcing, which result in bringing down cost per unit of energy.

We help you choose the right-fit optimal plan for your business to reduce your energy spend. We work with you to understand your requirements, determine the policies applicable for specific locations, provide options and prioritize energy efficiency measures to help you realize your energy procurement or source mix goals.

We also have a demand-response (DR) solution that requires you to decrease your power load by a pre-agreed quantum. This allows the business to avoid costly power generation and hence provides monetary incentives to you. We will guide you through energy efficiency programs registration, participation and successful realization of results, so that you can avail incentives and rebates.

Quantity Reduction

At EcoEnergy Insights, we provide you with end-to-end optimization services, which result in bringing down the overall unit consumption of energy. We analyze your existing system, process and capability, with respect to information availability, infrastructure limitations and level of automation. The Energy Assessment of your facility determines the value we can deliver while protecting the investments you have already made.

Execution of the energy optimization strategy starts with implementation of Energy Conservation Measures identified during the assessment. The process involves implementation of one-time corrections, retrofits and infrastructure replacements. Our Energy Management Platform is integrated with your energy infrastructure to create an energy intelligence layer for monitoring. Our energy mapping and in-depth analysis of consumption patterns help identify and implement efficiency measures. We use natural lighting where possible to reduce lighting loads and even use natural air to cool your facilities to reduce cooling loads.

The real value of continuous monitoring and analysis lies in the predictability and benchmarking of energy usage. Our Energy Operations Centre aids in streamlining energy modeling, monitoring and reduction activity. The results are shared in the form of dashboards and reports that are readily available for verification and tracking of returns or non-compliance. We thus provide your teams with insights to act and in most cases, we take complete ownership of the savings.

Regulatory Compliance

Our unified role-based access management mechanism enables you to access a wide variety of reports that are prepared through consistent, meaningful and easy-to-use metrics and dashboards. In addition to our pre-defined reports and dashboards, we also customize reports such as comparative reports, regulatory reports, equipment performance reports, consumption and time-based reports. We also provide functionality on the dashboard to select multiple parameters online to create ad-hoc reports. These reports will give you a centralized view across the enterprise, allowing you to exert a greater control over your facilities from ensuring comfort of your customers and employees to monitoring cold storage and refrigeration temperatures.

Utilizing our experience in sustainable design consulting, we bridge the gap between design and operations, to enable green certifications such as LEED. We are uniquely placed to address sustainability in the Built Environment at all stages, ensuring compliance with the building code standards. Our consulting team follows an integrated four-step approach involving the process kick off, the Gap Analysis/Feasibility Study, integrated design and engineering review and recommending Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).