AI for smart buildings

AI for smart buildings

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has attracted growing attention among commercial building stakeholders for AI’s promise of improving space utilization, increasing energy efficiency, and supporting more sustainable and automated commercial spaces. With rich datasets, AI algorithms can produce new insights that lead to significant improvements in key metrics such as energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and higher occupant satisfaction scores.

This report by Guidehouse Insights, defines AI for the commercial building space. It also discusses how AI can help solve problems in commercial buildings. Several use cases are shown in the report that demonstrate the value of AI, including a use case of EcoEnergy Insights for a large American retailer on page 7.

In addition, the report offers a roadmap for assessing and deploying AI solutions, as well as recommendations for stakeholders: overlook the hype and learn from companies already using AI; embrace AI as part of a short-term or long-term strategy; and focus on using quality data to support AI implementations.

Key questions addressed in the report:

  1. What is AI for commercial buildings?
  2. What prevents AI from wider adoption in the commercial building space?
  3. How can a building benefit from AI?
  4. What vendors support AI for commercial buildings?
  5. Is there a roadmap to help building owners and facilities managers embrace AI?

The CORTIX platform serves 17 categories of building equipment in different end-user verticals. Overall, 180,000+ equipment are connected to the CORTIX platform. The platform’s base engine is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven, providing Insights-to-Action and, thereby, creating value for customers. Here’s a look at the main applications:

CORTIX Platform - Main Application For Smart Building

EcoEnergy Insights was awarded a Customer Value Leadership award in the AI-driven building technologies industry. Read the report