Speciality Restaurants dines on an integrated IoT solution

Speciality Restaurants dines on an integrated IoT solution in India

Enhanced customer experience and increased energy savings across the connected full-service restaurant network.

The Client

Speciality Restaurants Limited is an Indian restaurant company that owns 129 full-service restaurants (FSR) such as Chinese cuisine chain Mainland China; multi-cuisine restaurants by Sigree Global Grill; Bengali cuisine chain Oh! Calcutta; bar and restaurant chain Hoppipola, and many more. With a goal to serve authentic world class cuisines, Speciality Restaurants is currently present across 25 cities in India and overseas mainly in Bangladesh, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates. The range of restaurants it operates includes fine dining, casual dining, bar and lounge, bakery, and confectionery outlets.

The Challenge

As one of the largest and most reputed restaurant chains in India and abroad, Speciality Restaurants is committed to creating memorable dining experiences for its guests. A player in a competitive and demanding segment, their focus was on enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing energy savings across the restaurant network. They wanted to have centralized monitoring and control of equipment and higher efficiency in managing operations with an emphasis on improved availability and increased longevity of their equipment, including HVAC, lighting and kitchen equipment.

In 2015, Speciality Restaurants decided to partner with EcoEnergy Insights to achieve enterprise-wide energy conservation without compromising on the guest experience.

The Solution

EcoEnergy Insights deployed its Connected Restaurant Program across 25 restaurants in India. This program utilized the CORTIX™ building IoT platform, identifying opportunities to improve operations and reduce energy costs. The program also involved the use of our patented Service Window® framework to analyze data and enabled us to provide benefits that were immediate, impactful and lasting.

A team of experts liaised with the Speciality Restaurants' technical team to understand the store equipment through data. The data was collected from the restaurants' equipment like HVAC and lighting systems and other miscellaneous loads. This vast amount of data was then fed to the CORTIX™ platform which in turn provided actionable insights on these aspects of the equipment’s performance, health, compliance, efficiency and availability. Based on these insights, action on three key aspects was prioritized - reduction in and control of the HVAC equipment’s operating time, improvement in occupant comfort, as well as compliance tracking and improvement.

Through this program, restaurant managers were preemptively supported by the EcoEnergy Insights BluEdge™ Command Center to manage their operations and equipment. The BluEdge™ Command Center is a team of domain experts and data scientists who collate, classify and interpret the insights to identify trends and requisite interventions, define action plans and ensure their completion in a timely manner. These insights highlighted scenarios of energy wastage through deviations or leakages that occur on a day-to-day basis and were accurately detected and plugged, ensuring better equipment control and improved savings.

The Result

The program focused on uncovering the opportunities to conserve and sustain energy savings. Initially deployed in 6 restaurants, the program was then scaled up to 25 restaurants for reduced energy consumption and improved thermal compliance. The program reduced maintenance costs, preventative maintenance, equipment downtime and technician visits.

The program achieved the following results:

  • 13% average multi-year savings across kitchen and dining loads
  • USD 0.27 million enterprise savings
  • 14% improvement in employee area thermal compliance
  • 5% improvement in guest area thermal compliance
  • 2.7% reduction in energy usage index

EcoEnergy Insights with its team of experts, understood how our full-service restaurants work and empowered us to make decisions to help us operate better and serve our customers better.”

Indroneil Chatterjee,
Deputy Managing Director,
Speciality Restaurants Limited.

The analytical insights from the CORTIX™ platform and the proactive advisories from their BluEdge™ Command Center, resulted in reduced energy consumption and improved thermal compliance of our restaurants.”

Phiroz Sadri,
Chief Operating Officer,
Speciality Restaurants Limited.

EcoEnergy Insights won a 2020 IoT Global Award for the Connected Restaurant Program in the Retail, Marketing and Hospitality category.