Make the most of a connected restaurant in the connected world

Digitally transform your operations with the EcoEnergy Insights Connected Restaurant Program

Every restaurant or restaurant chain is unique, and so are the business goals associated with it. Your restaurants deserve an intuitive solution that understands the unique context of how they operate. Our Connected Restaurant Program that leverages the power of the CORTIXTM Building IoT platform, is designed to do just that. Manage your restaurants with the CORTIX platform that gives you the power to optimize restaurant operations at your fingertips. The application, together with the support and analytics advisory offered by our team of data scientists and domain experts, enables you to:

Improve Competitiveness
Measure and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for operational excellence

Seamlessy Integrate IoT Devices And Equipment
The CORTIX platform is technology-agnostic, allowing easy integration with different kinds of equipment

Increase Profitability
Continuously reduce restaurant’s operational cost

Deploy Actionable Insights
Receive actionable insights to make informed decisions that affect restaurant behavior

Track Total Cost of Ownership
Evaluate TCO of equipment using advanced data analytics

Exceed Guest Expectations
Focus on guest experience, food safety and quality

Success story

An international fast food chain deployed the connected Restaurant Program in the U.S.A

Results across a year of the engagement

~22 months to payback

~25% improvement in food storage compliance

~24% reduction in HACCP count

~14% guest and employee comfort enhancement

42,000 kWh reduction in consumption per restaurant

11% electricity savings

17% gas savings

$4,000 saved per restaurant


Frost & Sullivan positioned EcoEnergy Insights in the Visionary section of the 2019 Frost Radar® chart.

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