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We spend 90%1 of our time indoors. For building owners and managers this means buildings must continue to be a safe place to work and support the health and well-being of occupants, all while keeping an eye on building operation, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

An integral part of this is ensuring that buildings are healthy by focusing on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) management. The Remote Airside Management solution can help by leveraging a building’s automation system to remotely manage the building’s airside, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the occupants with no or minimal dependence on local engineering teams. The BluEdge™ Command Centers of EcoEnergy Insights provides remote HVAC Airside Management through centralized operations which consists of an experienced pool of engineers, data scientists and analysts who proactively manage airside equipment.

The proactive management includes:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management to validate IAQ parameters based on policies and industry standards, and validate filter health and operation.

Airside Asset Health Monitoring to check ventilation rates and maintain operational health, compliance and availability of airside assets such as fans and dampers.

Controls System Monitoring to review control strategies to ensure that airside assets are operating optimally.

Resource Augmentation to remotely manage changing needs via a 24/7 BluEdge™ Command Centers with reduced dependence on onsite teams.

Remote Diagnostics & Resolution to provide remote corrections based on facility policies and scheduling and programming of fans to meet ventilation requirements.

Reports & Metrics to review IAQ compliance, total issues identified and solved, and technician dispatch information.

Remote Airside Management provides building owners and managers with:

  1. An increased comfort level of occupants by managing indoor air quality
  2. Remote management of indoor air quality and ventilation in accordance with industry best practices and guidelines
  3. Optimization of building's ongoing maintenance and operational costs
  4. Remote actions and resolutions to overcome the shortage of staff on premises
  5. Detailed work order generation for technician visits to increase productivity
  6. Key performance indicator reports to show progress towards goals

Remote Airside Management is launched in three quick steps:

EcoEnergy Insights - Three Steps OF Remote Airside Mangement

Remote Airside Management supports:

EcoEnergy Insights - Remote Airside Management Airside Assest

Airside Assets

Air handling units, variable air volume units, fan coil units, heat pumps, exhaust/ventilation fans, rooftop units, dedicated outdoor air systems, variable refrigerant flow units.

EcoEnergy Insights - Building Mangement Systems (BMS)

Building Management Systems

Supports a variety of building automation systems including the Carrier i-Vu® system, the Automated Logic WebCTRL® system and many Non-Carrier building automation systems. In addition, it also supports Tridium's Niagara, Novar Opus, Novar Savvy®, solutions by Nexrev and Trane Tracer® Controls.

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