At EcoEnergy, we provide intelligent and sustainable solutions for enterprise-wide energy operations and efficiency management. We have built analytical models and correlation logics to deliver energy efficient solutions to you. We work to reduce the carbon footprint, energy wastage, and recover your energy losses.

Our approach to all concerns is switching to results. We have created a strong, local ecosystem of partners in North America, Europe and APAC. We have implemented our Energy Management Services for enterprises like yours, around the world. These organizations have realized substantial energy savings and cost reduction during the course of their relationship with us. It’s your turn now.

EcoEnergy is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Switch to Results with EcoEnergy

As the advancement of technology becomes a way of life, the hardest challenge faced by organizations is keeping a track of their energy usage and wastage. Energy sustainability, therefore, is no longer a want, but an inevitable need.

At EcoEnergy, we are proud to be associated with several reputed organizations.

EcoEnergy is an Energy Star Partner in the Service and Product Provider category

EcoEnergy is a Link Certified Service Provider of Automated Demand Response (ADR) service.

Affiliate partner, Food Marketing Institute

Supplier, Green Key Global


Our Offering

At EcoEnergy, we adapt a unique three-wave approach for our Energy Management Services.

At EcoEnergy, we use a unique approach to deliver Enterprise wide Energy Management Services. As a first step, we carry out offline data analysis to understand the energy infrastructure, controls and policies. This is followed by detailed energy assessment of a representative sample of facilities with an objective to evaluate their energy operations performance and identify economically viable, feasible & sustainable energy saving strategies. We then create an energy intelligence layer for monitoring and reporting, by integrating our Energy Management Platform to your facility and leveraging on existing BMS, meters, sensors and controls, where available. Finally, our Energy Operations Center continuously performs energy modeling, monitoring, reporting and implementing saving strategies.


Once we have identified the savings strategy, we focus on identifying operational corrections and standardizing schedules and policies across the enterprise. Wave I ensures that you use the most optimum mode of operation, thereby eliminating energy wastage and leakage. Wave I is vendor agnostic, allowing us to start producing savings very early-on in the program, even for proprietary controls.

This wave allows us to sustain the savings achieved through a rule-based deviation management, and delivering real-time savings through short-range analytics. Our unique Energy Management Platform continuously detects and rectifies the deviations through algorithms. The Platform protects many other saving strategies and also auto-corrects some of the deviations in near real-time controls.



The analysis of richer data helps maximize the effectiveness of the deployed saving strategies and enables identification of new and more granular saving strategies.


Switch to Results-Our Savings Commitment

At EcoEnergy, we commit to saving for your business. We deliver effective cost savings ranging from 6% – 18% through reduced consumption, optimized operations, monitoring and maintenance. We engage with you on outcome-based models assuring performance and savings targets for a multi-year engagement. So deep is our conviction, we link our earnings to your gains.

Domain Expertise

At EcoEnergy, we have a strong pool of certified energy experts who have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. With more than 100 trained energy professionals skilled in Niagara Framework and multiple BMS platforms such as Novar Opus, Trane, Honeywell Webs, Siements Design etc. we are truly technology-agnostic and can adapt our service to suit your facilities. We also have more than 50 subject matter experts in the fields of controls, electrical engineering, HVAC, and refrigeration to cover all types of energy infrastructure.

Energy Management Platform

The backbone of our energy management services is our unique Energy Management Platform. The Platform interfaces with your assets and facilities to continuously collect consumption data at the system or even device level. The Platform leverages meters and sub-meters for consumption measurement and uses sensors for temperature, humidity, light-level, occupancy, run hours of equipment, flow, quality and any other parameters that impact energy consumption. Wipro’s Energy Management Platform is technology-agnostic and can integrate with almost all Building Management Systems (BMS), SCADA and other data aggregation layers to collect device-level information. This data is then analyzed, correlated and trended to look for energy saving opportunities.

Advanced Energy Analytics

Using Analytics for Benchmarking is the tip of the ice-berg. We do much more. We believe that energy management can be carried out effectively through continuous co-relation and analysis of various variables that affect energy consumption such as type of facility, asset, process, weather data, etc. Our team of analysts, supported by technical experts, leverages our Energy Management Platform to gather device-level energy data and provide useful insights for energy optimization. Long-term data analytics allow for trending, benchmarking with other facilities in the enterprise and in the industry. Armed with this intelligence, new policies and procedures can be devised which optimize efficiency and improve asset performance, resulting in service reliability at a lower cost.

Energy Operations Center

Our Energy Operations Center (EOC) is a central control center run by a team of energy experts. The EOC operates 24×7, thereby ensuring the capability to provide remote interventions on a round-the-clock basis. The EOC communicates regularly with the on-site team to make timely interventions, based on alerts and alarms generated by the Platform.

Big Data Success

We handle large and complex data for energy analytics. The challenges include data acquisition, validation, storage, search, analysis and visualization of data from multiple sources, locations and frequency. The trend to larger data sets is due to the additional information derived from analysis of a single set of related data. This enables correlations to spot trends in business and operations, having implications on energy usage.





EcoEnergy Receives 2017 Global Building Energy Management Systems Customer Value Leadership Award read more

EcoEnergy Receives 2017 Global Building Energy Management Systems Customer Value Leadership Award

Outstanding customer service, expertise recognized by Frost & Sullivan

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 18, 2017EcoEnergy, a leading provider of analytics-driven energy management and business outcome services, received the prestigious 2017 Global Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan at the Growth, Innovation & Leadership Awards Gala in Austin, Texas. The award recognizes EcoEnergy’s value-oriented energy management platform and shared-savings business model, which have positioned the company as a leader in the Global BEMS space. EcoEnergy is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

“We are honored and proud to be recognized as a global leader in the BEMS industry for delivering value to our customers,” said Mansoor Ahmad, managing director, EcoEnergy. “It is a great validation of our continuous innovation and efforts to be a world-class enterprise that transforms our clients’ operations. This will inspire us to deliver even more value through the power of IoT and Big Data analytics.”

EcoEnergy accepts the prestigious 2017 Global Energy Management Systems Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. Left to Right: Shawn Menezes, Mansoor Ahmad, and Rajender Beniwal from EcoEnergy; Mead Rusert from Automated Logic.

With a combination of advanced software, detailed consulting and vertical expertise, EcoEnergy provides a complete – and useful – view of building information. After compiling data from sources both inside and out – automation systems, connected equipment, weather data points and more – the information is run through a cloud-based energy management platform that helps identify issues and improvement opportunities. EcoEnergy’s expert analysts then make specific, actionable recommendations to site owners and managers, taking into account the unique needs of each building or facility. EcoEnergy also has the ability to deploy these recommendations remotely, helping building owners and managers optimize their properties through greater energy savings, fewer service calls and an enhanced experience for building occupants.

“The ability to fulfill unique customer requirements in the complex world of building energy management is a fairly daunting task. Within a relatively short time in the global BEMS space, EcoEnergy has managed to excel in that by delivering tangible outcomes through consistent innovation,” stated Konkana Khaund, director of consulting, Energy & Environment Americas, Frost & Sullivan.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has demonstrated excellence in proactively creating value for its customers and improving their return on investment in services or products. Industry analysts measure performance through in-depth interviews, comprehensive analysis and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

The full report can be read here.




EcoEnergy is a Link Certified Service Provider of Automated Demand Response (ADR) service read more

EcoEnergy is a Link Certified Service Provider of Automated Demand Response (ADR) service

evnironmental-leader-thumb        evnironmental-leader-thumb

Real-time energy management continues to get more and more “Real Time”. Response windows keep getting smaller and smaller. You seem to have less time than ever to respond – sometimes as little as 10 minutes – when looking to stay in compliance and earn your anticipated revenues from demand management programs offered today. Your Automated Demand Response (ADR) system has to work fast, and it has to work right.

That’s why we’re Link Certified.

Our CPower Link Adapter module integrates CPower Link services with your building control systems to enable ADR, providing you with the ability to enact load management measures automatically and achieve predetermined usage levels, at close to a moment’s notice.

To ensure secure, reliable performance of your ADR system, CPower subjects Link adapters to a thorough two-stage certification process:

  • Link Adapter Stage 1 Testing- Testing to verify that the Link adapter on our control platform is securely communicating with CPower’s servers and properly interpreting DR messages.
  • CPower Link Final Certification- Full end-to-end testing, sending signals from CPower’s Dispatch desk to site’s building controls through the Link Adapter, initiating a site load drop test and ultimately reinstating normal operations.

Only after successfully passing both stages does CPower certify a control platform’s Link Adapter ready to support your automated DR participation needs.

Link Certified means you can rest assured that you can utilize automation to maximize the energy earning potential of your facilities, without the need of burdening your facilities or operational staff with being on the look-out for DR events.

Link Certified means when a real-time event is called, you’re good to go.




EcoEnergy Receives Environmental Leader Top Project of the Year Award 2017 for reducing energy consumption for The Home Depot read more

EcoEnergy Receives Environmental Leader Top Project of the Year Award 2017 for reducing energy consumption for The Home Depot


DENVER, June 06, 2017 – EcoEnergy, a leading provider of analytics-driven business outcome services, received the Environmental Leader Top Project of the Year Award at the Environmental Leader 2017 Conference held in Denver, Colorado. The award recognizes EcoEnergy’s robust energy reduction project with home improvement specialist, The Home Depot. EcoEnergy is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

For four years, EcoEnergy worked to improve lighting and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) assets at The Home Depot to help maximize energy savings while also improving occupant comfort. The results was a greater than six percent reduction in energy consumption across their 2000 stores in the United States.

“We are honored and proud to receive this award. It is a great recognition of our constant innovation and application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analytics to solve real-world problems on a large scale, leading to meaningful results for The Home Depot,” said Mansoor Ahmad, managing director, EcoEnergy.

"With a highly respected and critical judging panel and a strict set of judging criteria, entrants face an extremely high bar for the level of product or project to qualify for an award," says Tim Hermes, publisher of Environmental Leader parent company, Business Sector Media. "Those who enter need to bring their A game to get even a sniff of award-nirvana. And they delivered.”

The judges at the Environmental Leader 2017 Conference were impressed. One noted, “This project delivered significant business value for the retailer in the form of a greater than six percent decrease in energy consumption across approximately 2,000 stores. The project goes beyond traditional energy management by taking an enterprise-wide view of managing the operational performance of electromechanical assets across the network and leveraging an IoT approach to data capture and application of Big Data analytics to learn and improve operations. Interesting approach using big data to unlock energy opportunities over time.”

EcoEnergy worked closely with The Home Depot to define a strategy and design, pilot and implement their solution in three phases: implement controls strategies; provide an energy management platform to collect data with dedicated teams to act on any deviations; and analyze and advise on the data collected to show effective saving strategies and identify new ways to save energy.

The Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits or projects implemented by companies that improve environmental or energy management and increase the bottom line.

Scores were determined by a panel of independent judges, headed by Peter Bussey of LNS Research and also included judges from: Advanced Micro Devices®, AT&T®, Best Buy®, C&A®, Caesars®, Cox Enterprises®, Fetzer Vineyards, General Motors®, Harbec™, Kellogg®, LNS Research, Marriott®, MillerCoors, Newell Brands®, Novartis™, Oldcastle® Inc., Panasonic®, Parker-Hannifin®, Paul Leavoy/Consultant, Safeway®, Sears® Holdings Corporation, Sierra Nevada® Brewing Company, Strategic Sustainable Consulting, Tyco® Global Products, Wellborn Cabinet, and Zee Company – a member of the Vincit Group.




HDFC Bank Ltd. and EcoEnergy win CII National level ‘Best energy efficient case study’ award read more

HDFC Bank Ltd. and EcoEnergy win CII National level ‘Best energy efficient case study’ award

HDFC Bank and EcoEnergy win ‘Best energy efficient case study award’ at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)’s National Energy Efficiency Circle Competition

EcoEnergy, a leading provider of IOT driven Building Solutions, along with HDFC Bank Ltd., an Indian banking and financial services company, won the “Best Energy Efficiency Case Study” award at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) National Energy Efficiency Circle Competition held in New Delhi on 18th and 19th May, 2017.

The award was for Utilizing IOT Technology, Big Data & Cloud based Analytics to realize operational energy efficiencies across HDFC bank branches in India delivering greater than 11% savings. The award recognized and appreciated the program’s approach based around a technology agnostic solution that focused on continuous improvement by generating actionable insights from data.

The objective of the competition is to provide a platform to enterprises across industry sectors, to share their success stories & help others learn the best practices. Organizations from around the country that exemplified the best inventions and deployments of energy efficiency measures participated in this competition with 170 presentations from 120 companies during the two days.

Receiving the award from

Mr. Abhay Bakre, Directory General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Dr Sudhir Kapur, Chairman Regional Committee on Skills & Education, CII

Receiving award

The Trophy


“This is a proud moment for us as it validates the efforts we have been putting into making our network of facilities energy efficient. HDFC has been championing the operation of sustainable branches and this is a strategic initiative to achieving that objective,” said Madhukar Rao, Vice President – Infrastructure, HDFC Bank Ltd.

“We are honored to win this national level award. We believe this is a great recognition of the power of data and analytics and its ability to generate savings. This endorses our efforts in enabling our clients to achieve high impact results using IOT and analytics,” said EcoEnergy’s Managing Director, Mansoor Ahmad.




UTC Climate, Controls & Security Completes Acquisition of Wipro Limited’s EcoEnergy Business Division read more

UTC Climate, Controls & Security Completes Acquisition of Wipro Limited’s EcoEnergy Business Division

UTC Climate, Controls & Security has successfully completed its planned acquisition of EcoEnergy, Wipro Limited’s energy services business division. EcoEnergy, based in Bengaluru, India, is a leading energy management solutions company that optimizes customers’ energy consumption by analyzing insights gained from their software-as-a-service platform, big data analytics and domain-centric people and processes. UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a leading provider of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

“We are delighted to welcome the EcoEnergy team into UTC Climate, Controls & Security. Their expertise, along with the EcoEnergy energy management platform and services, will further enhance the building analytics capabilities offered to our customers around the world,” says Ross Shuster, president, International Operations, UTC Climate, Controls & Security. “With proven energy savings of over 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours to date across 6,000 commercial sites in North America, Europe and Asia, EcoEnergy’s domain-centric expertise, technology assets and remote monitoring services strengthen our ability to help customers achieve their energy-saving goals.”

Within UTC, EcoEnergy will report to the Automated Logic business under the leadership of business president Mead Rusert. “EcoEnergy is a natural fit with Automated Logic,” says Rusert. “We have a shared vision to serve the emerging building energy management services segment and will work closely together to deliver energy-saving solutions to our customers worldwide.”

“This transaction will help EcoEnergy continue to serve its customers and enable them to realize the opportunities made possible by the internet of things and big data analytics. Powered by the reach of the UTC Climate, Controls & Security network, we will develop the EcoEnergy brand in wider segments and geographies,” says Mansoor Ahmad, vice president, Energy Management Services, EcoEnergy.




ENERGY STAR Success Story: EcoEnergy implemented an analytics-driven energy management program for Petco Animal Supplies Stores, across its national store portfolio. read more




Petco Animal Supplies Inc. targets enterprise-wide savings in adopting new, analytics driven energy management program read more




UTC Climate, Controls & Security Announces Agreement to Acquire EcoEnergy read more




CIOReview Recognizes EcoEnergy among 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2016 read more




Wipro Partners With Jubilant FoodWorks To Reduce Energy And Operational Costs read more

Wipro Partners With Jubilant FoodWorks To Reduce Energy And Operational Costs

Wipro Ltd. (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, today announced a five-year partnership with Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, master franchisee for Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts in India and the leader in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) space in the country with over 1000 restaurants in India, to deliver energy management services and help reduce its energy and operational costs.

The EcoEnergy business of Wipro rolled out its multi-year Managed Restaurant Energy Services (MRES) program last year leveraging its unique Service WindowTM framework. The MRES program will ensure effective sustenance of energy cost reduction by a three-pronged restaurant energy control approach; Intelligent Site Automation, a ready-to-use intelligence to crew and technicians through its intuitive Wipro Energy Manager (WEM) Application Suite, and a centralized Energy Operations Center (EOC) for big data analytics that further enables enhanced asset performance, improved customer delight and better food storage compliance.

Speaking on the initiative, Ajay Kaul, Chief Executive Officer, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, said, “We are delighted to partner with Wipro towards site intelligence improvement and for designing site optimization solutions for our restaurants in India. Currently we have rolled out across 400 restaurants with a view to roll out across the remaining 600+ in the coming months. Technology is the backbone of our operational delivery and we are confident that Wipro’s turnkey approach, with deep focus on analytics, will help our restaurants to continue setting new operational benchmarks supporting profitable growth and at the same time committing to an environment-friendly future. This has been validated by the early results that we are seeing in restaurants where the program has already been rolled out.”

Dr. Anurag Srivastava, Senior Vice President and Head – Business Outcome Services, Wipro Limited, said, “We are excited about this partnership and will leverage our global QSR sector experience to assist Jubilant FoodWorks reduce their rising energy costs. We will include analytics and IoT technologies to improve various aspects like food safety and guest experience in order to reduce overall maintenance costs and help in maintaining their market leadership position in the QSR market in India.”

About Wipro Ltd.

Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) is a leading information technology, consulting and business process services company that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of “Business through Technology.” By combining digital strategy, customer centric design, advanced analytics and product engineering approach, Wipro helps its clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, Wipro has a dedicated workforce of over 160,000, serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. For more information, please visit www.wipro.com

About Jubilant FoodWorks Limited

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (JFL/Company) is part of Jubilant Bhartia group and India’s largest food service company, with a network of 1004 Domino’s Pizza restaurants across 230 cities (as of February 11, 2016). The Company & its subsidiary have the exclusive rights to develop and operate Domino’s Pizza brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. At present it operates in India and Sri Lanka. The Company is the market leader in the chained pizza market with ~72% market share in India (as per Euro Monitor Consumer Food Service Report, 2015). The Company also has exclusive rights for developing and operating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants for India and has launched 70 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants across 24 cities in India (as of February 11, 2016).

Media contact:

Gitanjali Sreepal

+9180 39918018


Jubilant FoodWorks Limited media contact:

Sylvia Dutta

Senior Manager – Public Relations

+91 120 4090500


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Certain statements in this release concerning our future growth prospects are forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks, and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding fluctuations in our earnings, revenue and profits, our ability to generate and manage growth, intense competition in IT services, our ability to maintain our cost advantage, wage increases in India, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-time frame contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies in which we make strategic investments, withdrawal of fiscal governmental incentives, political instability, war, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India, unauthorized use of our intellectual property, and general economic conditions affecting our business and industry. Additional risks that could affect our future operating results are more fully described in our filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings are available at www.sec.gov. We may, from time to time, make additional written and oral forward-looking statements, including statements contained in the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and our reports to shareholders. We do not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that may be made from time to time by us or on our behalf.




EcoEnergy wins Best Partnership Award from Jubilant FoodWorks Limited read more

EcoEnergy wins Best Partnership Award from Jubilant FoodWorks Limited

EcoEnergy received Best Partnership Award from Jubilant FoodWorks Limited

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited(JFL) awarded EcoEnergy this award for delivering excellence in analytics driven energy saving and cost reduction in Domino’s Pizza restaurants across India during its Business Partner Meet 2015 held in Delhi, India

EcoEnergy was presented this award by Mr. Ajay Kaul, CEO – JFL & Mr. Ravi Gupta, CFO – JFL.

Here’s what Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed, AVP – Projects & Maintenance – JFL had to say:
”EcoEnergy is driving energy and operational efficiency at our Domino’s Pizza restaurants across India. By integrating the energy consuming assets with their advanced platform and software application suite WEM, we are confident that we will continue to set benchmarks for how restaurants are operated in India.”




Ankur & Thanakartik discuss how hotels can look at balancing guest satisfaction and sustainable operation practices by using the latest technology. read more




EcoEnergy Serves up savings to Restaurant Chains – A report by Verdantix read more




HAPS Dhillon explains how Restaurants can reduce energy consumption without any equipment upgrades or overhauls. read more




Syed Mansoor Ahmad talks about the energy efficiency scenario read more




EcoEnergy wins 2014 Service Provider Award from The Home Depot read more

EcoEnergy wins 2014 Service Provider Award from The Home Depot

The Home Depot Building Services has awarded EcoEnergy with the 2014 Service Provider Award in the category of Creating Shareholder Value at The Home Depot Foundation Event in Tucson, AZ.


EcoEnergy was presented this award by Chris Berg, VP – Store Operations, The Home Depot and Craig D’Arcy, Director – Energy Management, The Home Depot.

As per the citation, Wipro through its analytics based energy management services and strong delivery leadership, has made remarkable contribution to help The Home Depot reduce their energy consumption across the stores.




EcoEnergy Taps Big Data For The Retail Sector read more